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GTS Mastermind - Offseason Program


Presented by James Green

The Grind to Shine Offseason Mastermind  (Offseason Program)

For aspiring young athletes who want to level up their game physically and mentally in the offseason so they can come back to the grind ready to crush their team and personal goals to make their teams better and smash all the competition.


This mastermind program is a proven roadmap to success.

We believe that young athletes who know what they want and are willing to work for it are unstoppable.


I also believe they deserve to have a strategy, community support, and a leader who has competed at the highest level with them every step of the way so they don’t have to chase their dreams alone. 


Being equipped with the right tools and working with someone to build your blueprint will align you with the correct strategy to make it to the top of your competitive field.

Grind to Shine Mastermind
Offseason Program

Duration 20 weeks

  • 4 Phases of training (5 weeks each) - to position-specific developed 1:1 with the athlete

  • Access to GTS APP/workouts/ 24/7 messaging/progress tracking 

  • Nutrition & Supplement Guidance/Plans - to position-specific developed 1:1 with athlete

  • Scheduled Training plans

  • 60 minutes 1:1 discovery zoom call to start the program - discover past performance wins and roadblocks, experience, positions, and goals for 2022 

  • Weekly check-ins for support 

  • Bi-weekly group session zoom calls 

  • Film work/Film study 

                                                   Pricing: Pay in full - $1500.00 + GST

Monthly Payments - 5 x $350.00 + GST 

If paid in full you will save $250

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If you have ever dreamed of playing at the next level you have probably come across these roadblocks:

  • What it takes to level up your competitors

  • Prioritization and scheduling in the offseason

  • Developing a Personalized Training & Nutrition plan

  • Learning Sports specific education & Film study

  • Having a reliable community and support group

  • Learning more about yourself and what drives you

Making it to the next level within your competitive field or becoming a star within that sport doesn't happen overnight but with the correct strategy plan and mentorship, we can help you make your dreams a reality!


Here's how it works:


Former Pro Athlete James Green will share with you his experiences and the process he went through to help you become the star athlete you know you are meant to be. 


By following a strategic offseason plan that sets you up both physically and mentally to eliminate any roadblocks or challenges you may face along your path to greatness with a 4 phase strength, conditioning, sports education and endurance program personally designed to get you into the best possible shape you need to be in for your chosen position so you can feel confident walking into any form of competition this upcoming year and the following years to outclass and outshine your competitors!


Let's put it all on the line and grind during this off-season so we can Shine in 2022! 


For more information please contact me now as spots are limited for this specific mastermind program!

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